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The website is launched for downloading the free (QC)2 Loop Editor and for exchanging useful quantifiable, closed quality control loops.


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Quantifiable Closed Quality Control (QC)2

The (QC)2 Loop Editor

Due to their open and dynamic character, business processes in lack of adequate feedback mechanisms tend to become unstable in case of unanticipated disturbances or target adjustments. In order to face this challenge and to ensure entrepreneurial quality the implementation of quality control loops is realized, whose design is derived from cybernetics. The prepared (QC)2 Loop Editor software ensures with a step-by-step guide (see below) that supports users to close and control their analysed quality control loop and also to continuously evaluate the adequacy of their solution (see on the right). Following the technical definition of a control loop, a quality control loop can be characterized by its three main elements - the sensor, controller and actuator.

Detailed description

The (QC)2 Community

The (QC)2 Community is working for exchanging best practice Quantifiable Closed Quality Control, (QC)2 loops. It is a benchmarking and information exchange platform that enables the users of the (QC)2 Loop Editor (QLE) to upload their quality control loops that they consider as good examples for sharing with other experts. The information exchange is working using a reward system where the registered users receive reward points when uploading a quality control loop while the collected points can be used for downloading quality control loops of other experts. This (QC)2 quality control loop sharing mechanism enables quality control experts to learn from each-other and to continuously improve their own quality loop solutions at their companies.

The following diagrams show the number of users registered in the (QC)2 Community per industry and per employee number distribution together with the amount of how many best practice quality control loops are accessible through the (QC)2 Community and also the average ratings (goodness) of the available loops by process type.